Here are two children infront of a mural on the front of my gallery depicting my neighbours having a great time and a paella under the grapevine which is as old as my house. This has been a great way of showing people without words alone, that  I  really wanted to be here and become part of the Benifallet community.
For many years I have painted local scenes no matter where I have lived. I love people-watching and do feel that the human character is dependent on the surroundings in which we live. Here in Baix Ebre the people are hardy and colourful just like the  environment.
I love ´people watching´ and I carry my camera around with me to capture those ´magic moments´ when people are ´shining life´. I seek to be able to show this in portraits where expression is apparent.

This was a fantastic opportunity for an artist, when one day, whilst sitting on the river  bank in Benifallet I encountered a lovely young traveler from France taking his  companions down to the river for a drink.
Commissions for portraits are taken in all media, from sittings or photos.
If you have any questions, email Amanda:
Going to work on the old ferry.
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